Management Team

AME-Solutions’s management has over thirty-five years of executive management and entrepreneurial experience in the fields of information technology, research and development and system integration and automation. AME-Solutions’s principals have held executive positions both in and outside of Iraq and with start-up ventures with a specific focus in system integration, power management, telecommunications, research and development and information technology.

AME-Solutions is confident that it is in the right place at the right time, and in possession of the appropriate ideas and tools to succeed in making AME-Solutions a success story in Iraq.

Faisal AL Fadul, Ph.D., P.E., CEO

Faisal Fadul was born in Iraq in 1957. Dr. Fadul completed his B.Sc. in Electrical engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq in 1979. He worked as a Telecommunications Engineer in Kuwait from 1979 to 1980. In 1981 he immigrated to the U.S. and completed a M.S. in Computer Science from George Washington University in 1983, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1987 from the University of Wyoming. He served as a faculty member at Pennsylvania State University from 1987 to 1997. During his second year at Penn State he was promoted to a Group Leader of the Electrical Engineering program.

In 1996 Dr. Fadul took a sabbatical leave from Penn State University to establish a telecom-based R&D Company, ITC, Inc from the basement of his home. He successfully integrated the resources necessary to establish ITC as a world-class provider of telecommunications software development & voice services without any funding other than his own startup money of $8000.

Dr. Fadul negotiated, signed agreements & implemented the following projects between 1997 and 2003: (1) A PTT TDM agreement using submarine fiber optic cable with the Ministry of Communications in Egypt in 1997; in less than two years ITC carried more voice traffic to Egypt than AT&T, Sprint and MCI combined. (2) A PTT VOIP agreement with the Ministry of Communications in Yemen, Syria, Malaysia & Sri Lanka. (3) Conducted consulting services to identify leaky PBX’s for Kuwait, Pakistan, Lebanon and Jordan.
Dr. Fadul has been the CEO of three telecom companies since 1996 and a group leader at the department of electrical engineering at Penn State University - Erie for nine years. As the cornerstone of his company’s initial and sustained successes, Dr. Fadul continues to be actively involved in the overall promotion and strategic planning of all of his companies. As the essential contributor to the Research & Development team, his expertise enables him to focus on moving the company forward through developing and coordinating interconnect agreements, R&D and funding. With an in-depth understanding of the development of international telecom markets, his vision and direction always secure his companies’ position in the global marketplace. Dr. Fadul is also recognized for a highly successful academic career. In addition to holding an industry patent, he has published more than 50 articles in national and international journals and has won two teaching awards at Penn State University as well as one teaching award nomination at the University of Wyoming when he was on a teaching scholarship. Since 2003 Dr. Fadul has been actively involved in business development in various industries in Iraq, some of which are automation, power management, system integration, telecommunications, installation, as well as research & development.

Aref AlBahash, President & COO

Aref AlBahash is an Iraqi citizen, living in Najaf Iraq, who has close to three decades of experience shaping successful business ventures. Mr. AlBahash, who graduated from Sulaimanea University in Iraq with a B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1981, is a well-respected individual among tribal, religious and political leaders in Iraq. He has been active in Iraq’s national and political affairs for some time, and has successfully implemented real estate, asphalt, hotel and telecom projects in Iraq for more than twenty-seven years. Mr. AlBahash has successfully implemented several telecom projects for the ministry of communication, including maintaining Najaf’s landline network for three years, as well as supplying and installing microwave and black fiber compression equipment for the Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company’s network in Iraq. He is a cofounder of AME-Solutions and has been running the entire operation in Iraq since its inception in 2004. Mr. AlBahash is dedicating all of his time toward promoting the success of AME-Solutions, and he has been instrumental in the management and leadership of AME-Solutions’ operation in Iraq.

Mr. AlBahash turned down a high-level position, to be minister of electricity in Iraq, just to ensure the success of AME-Solutions in 2008. He has provided invaluable leadership in all of AME-Solutions’ business activities, especially in the areas of sales and marketing, public relations, finance and the overall day to day management of the company. Additionally, Mr. AlBahash demonstrates excellence in leadership and marketing by employing his expertise to implement innovative and successful marketing for AME-Solutions in Iraq. He takes advantage of his intimate knowledge of Iraq’s economy, as well as Iraqi social, tribal, political and economic systems to promote and market AME-Solutions’ products and services as well as running AME-Solutions’ operation in a cost-effective manner. His unique and nontraditional marketing approach has saved the company millions of dollars and has positioned the company to compete aggressively against well-funded competitors. He has been instrumental in effectively communicating with the federal government and provincial agencies that AME-Solutions deals with. In addition to being a vice chair of the company board of director, he has been a leader in setting both the short and long term company strategy.

Rabab Al Rufaie: Executive VP

Born and educated in Najaf, Rabab Al Rufaie directs the strategic priorities and administration that guide the company forward. A key contributor to the managed growth of AME-Solutions, her areas of expertise and responsibilities include strategic planning, managing the administration of company-wide operations, executive committee personnel development, regulatory affairs, and contract negotiation and implementation. With a unique perspective towards personnel management, she guides the company successfully towards its common long-term goals. A graduate of the University of Kufa in Iraq in 2010, she holds a B.Sc. degree in chemistry science. Ms. Al Rufaie contributes a wealth of international business acumen to AME-Solutions with several years of international business management experience. Ms. Al Rufaie has over 10 years of experience in management. She continues to set an example for AME-Solutions’ staff with her loyalty, high level of ethics and integrity within AME-Solutions’ environment.

Zainab Jamal AlDeen, CFO

Zainab Jamal AlDeen was born in Najaf, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Kufa in 1994 and also holds a Diploma of Accounting from Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research from Technical Institute in Najaf 1997. Mrs. Jamal AlDeen received a certification II in information Technology from Central Tafe of Australia in 2006. Zainab has over ten years of business and accounting experience in Australia before joining AME-Solutions in 2007 where she started as an accountant manager. Mrs. Jamal AlDeen was promoted to Manager of Auditing at AME-Solutions after two years before she was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 2015. She is an example officer at AME-Solutions and has positive impact on the company’s financing and auditing systems.

Eng. Noor Ali Hasan: HR Director

Eng. Noor A. Hasan is an Iraqi National and was born in 1988 in Najaf City, Iraq. Ms. Hasan completed her B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Kufa University in 2010. She joined AME-Solutions in 2012 as a Manager Assistant in Human Resources Department. She carried out her duties efficiently and has a positive impact on her department. Ms. Hasan contributed immensely to the inhouse R&D department during the design and development of various HR Apps and software applications to improve the efficiency of UH Department. In less than two years she was promoted to be AME-Solutions’ HR Manager and she has been serving in this capacity for the last six years. She is a role model director with high level of ethics and integrity.

Haydar S. Al Turaihi, Ph.D., Software Development R&D Director

Haydar Saaied Al Turaihi, received a B.Sc and M.Sc in Electircal engineering from Baghdad University in 1987 and 1992. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal Canada, in 2005. He developed new algorithms and approaches to automate the layout during the ASIC design. His work has been published in IEEE journals and international conferences. Since 2005, he has been working with CMC Electronics (formally known as Marconi) in Montreal, Canada. Also, he taught at Concordia University and supervised some research projects at Concordia University and University du Quebec in Montreal Canada. His main research focus is the new generation of navigation receivers that can process the signals of modern GPS satellites (L5) and Galileo Satellite (E1/E5a). He involved in the development of some airborne receivers and flight management systems that have been certified by the Canadian Transport Ministry and the Federal Aviation Administration of USA (FAA). He led a project for the Canadian Space Agency to prototype a new airborne navigation receiver using GPS and Galileo satellites. He has been working with AME-Solutions as a Software Development R&D Director for the past ten years.

Yasir Rashad AlFadhl, BEng(Hons.), Ph.D., MIET, MIEEE, Network Security R&D Director

Yasir Rashad AlFadhl was born in Najaf in 1978. Dr. AlFadhl completed his BEng. in Telecommunication engineering from Queen Mary, University of London in the UK in 2000. As a distinguished graduate, he was directly admitted to complete his PhD at the University of London in the areas of Electromagnetics and Antennas in telecommunication engineering. Following the successful completion of his PhD in 2006, he started a Post-doctoral project where he designed and prototyped a novel base-station antenna for 'Semi-Smart' cellular networks, as part of a consultancy project for the Office of Communications (Ofcom) - regulatory authority body for the UK communications industries. He later worked as a Knowledge Transfer Associate/manager in the industry where he developed three-dimensional (3D) modeling methods for radar and telecom applications. He applied his management skills and communicated with university researchers, company directors as well as government departments in the UK, to achieve the successful completion of the project on time.

Dr AlFadhl was nominated (one of the top 20 in the UK) by the Institute of Directors for the KTP 'Business Leader of Tomorrow' Awards in 2009. Since 2009 he served as a faculty member at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences at Queen Mary University of London as a joint-programme lecturer where he acted as a course organizer, lecturer and a reviewer of several telecommunication courses and a supervisor of a number research projects. His role involved liaising among various global academic systems, such as the China-UK joint programme where he acts as course organizer/lecturer. Dr AlFadhl is also currently leading the input from Queen Mary, University of London towards reforming the MSc programme at the Yarmouk University in Jordan, as part of EU Tempus project to bridge links with institutions outside the EU. Since 2006, Dr AlFadhl has authored and co-authored over 30 publications, including three major journals, over eight IEEE/IET conferences, and has acted as a member of the organizing committee in the IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology: ‘Small and Smart Antennas’ conference in Cambridge 2007. Dr. AlFadhl has also presented a number of invited lectures and talks, including one given to Macau government Telecoms regulator (DSRT) on “Network Security” in 2010.

Saad Jawad Kadhim, Power Engineering Director

Born in Hilla and educated in Basra Iraq. Eng. Kadhim completed his B.Sc. degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Basra in 1992. After completing his draft in the Iraqi army, he started his own business to refurbish and repair electric power generators during the embargo on Iraq. In 2006 he was hired by Huawei as a Senior Power Engineer to install power engineering systems throughout Zain and Asia Cell networks. In 2008 he joined AME-Solutions as a manger of Solar Power Engineering Manager. In 2011 he was promoted to be Director of Power Engineering department where he oversees the power management and back up at the company, design and development of solar energy to the company sites through the central and southern regions of Iraq. He pioneered the design and development of enhanced solar systems which are designed to have the solar panels automatically clean themselves in the case of dust accumulation.

Ehsan A. Hamzah: QC Manager

Ehsan A. Hamzah is an electronics and communication engineer born in Najaf in 1985. He got his B.Sc. from Al_Nahrain University college of engineering in 2009. He worked in the power and energy field for a company specialized in power plant installation as a Control and Systems engineer for one year. In addition, Ehsan worked as a senior wireless engineering at local ISP. He administered all tasks associated with installation, configuration and maintenance of several wireless networks’ Wi-Fi systems through the application of direct broadcasting and hotspot techniques on the transmitting side. In 2010 he started work for AME-Solutions, as Quality Control Manager and he led technicians team for installation and maintenance of various projects. In addition to his work, he works in R&D department. He worked as a designer and developer in embedded system specialized in hardware and software design.

Bashar A. Al Baghdadi: VP of Network Operations

Bashar A. Naji holds a B.Sc. in Communication Engineering from Najaf Technical College, where he graduated ranking second in his class in 2002. Subsequent to his graduation he was employed by the UN World Food Program until 2006, working in central and southern Iraq. He supervised and coordinated an array of activities pertaining to the installation, upgrade and maintenance of several communication systems such as HF, VHF and PABX systems with a large scale computer network. He also investigated emerging ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and utilized their potential of to improve UN operations within the region. From 2005 until May 2007, Bashar worked as senior wireless engineer at a local ISP. He administered all tasks associated with installation, configuration and maintenance of several wireless networking (Wi-Fi) systems through the application of direct broadcasting and hotspot techniques on the transmitting side. He Installed and maintained surveillance camera systems in line with organizational policies and procedures. In 2007 he joined AME-Solutions as a telecom engineer, being promoted to general manager of engineering in 2008, overseeing all engineering operations in 2009, and to VP of Engineering Operations in 2011. He currently manages over 80 engineers and technicians at AME-Solutions with the goal of ensuring efficiency and cost-effective performance. In addition to these day to day duties, he is also responsible for site management, the deployment of equipment, and coordination of maintenance with AME-Solutions’ equipment manufacturers.

Ahmed Hassan: Networking Manager

Ahmed Hassan holds a B.Sc. in software Engineering from Al -Rafidain University, Baghdad, Iraq 2005 and a M.Sc. in software defined networks from Halmstad university Sweden 2014, where he graduated ranking top ten in his class in 2005. Following his graduation, he was employed by TeckTel one of the first international wholesale voice carriers in Iraq until 2007, He was highly involved with coordinated an array of activities pertaining to the installation, upgrade and maintenance of several communication systems such as voice gateways, switching and routing systems with a large-scale computer network. He also investigated emerging the latest Cisco technologies utilizing their potential of to improve the day to day operations. He joined AME-Solutions as a network engineer, shortly he was promoted to Networking Manager. He is currently managing a complex network with Routing and Switching equipment’s from different vendors. His day to day responsibilities include configuring Voice VLANS and QoS VLANs, configuring routing using OSPF and policy routing using route maps and Hardening Cisco devices – Implementing IDS and IPS, Cisco IOS Firewall, AAA.